Shala Etiquette


At Ashtanga Yoga Jersey we welcome practitioners of all ages, at all stages of life.

On entry to the Shala please maintain silence. We practice in silence to encourage concentration and self-awareness and to foster space for personal growth.

The opening chant is at 645am. Please wait to enter the room if you arrive during the chant.

We take Moondays off – so make sure to rest on those days. Check the Moonday page and update your diary accordingly.

We open our door at 6.20am, and we close at 9am. You can come and practice at any time during class hours. Don’t rush your practice.

Please bring your own mat and a micro fibre towel or a Mysore rug, as well as a small face towel. We do have several spare yoga mats at the Shala, but we encourage everyone to bring their own.

Please keep all other belongings in the lobby. Don’t bring any unnecessary items into the main room.

Our main practice room is small, please start in the front row and keep the space between the mats to a minimum. After back bending, move your mat to the back row for the closing sequence.

Practice saucha cleanliness – bathe before the class and clean your mat and clothing. Keep your mat clean too.

Please do not wear perfumes or scented deodorant to the class.

Unless pregnant, please refrain from drinking water during practice. The heat of the internal fire – Agni in Sanskrit – has lots of therapeutic benefits which are dampened by drinking water.

If you’re new to Ashtanga and you’d like to learn, simply email Anna with your preferred date and time so she can prepare for your arrival.

If you are experienced Ashtangi and you’re visiting Jersey, please feel free to visit us.

See you in the Shala.

How to Establish a Regular Yoga Practice?

In Ashtanga tradition, we practice six days a week. It can take some time to establish a regular daily practice so we don’t expect to see you every day, but the Shala and the teachers are here to help you with this process.

The following tips you may find useful in establishing that routine:

  • Practice at the same time every day, ideally in the morning.
  • If not at the Shala, dedicate the space for your practice at home.
  • Take a rest once a week, ideally the same day each week.
  • Take a rest on Moondays!
  • Traditionally women take rest for the first three days of their menses.
  • Start your commitment with 2-3 times a week and grow from there. A shorter daily practice will bring more benefits than one longer practice once a week.
  • Be patient and enthusiastic! Enjoy the journey!