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Ashtanga Yoga Jersey

Traditional yoga school in the heart of St. Helier.

We’re a yoga school based in Jersey, Channel Islands, open Monday to Friday, 6:30 – 9 am, excluding Full and New Moons. We teach Ashtanga Yoga Mysore-style which is a traditional way of teaching, named after the city in South India from where it originates. Everyone’s welcome at Ashtanga Yoga Jersey, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner. We’re here to help you learn and deepen your yoga practice.

What is Mysore style practice?

In a Mysore-style room, the teacher guides each student individually, giving an asana one by one following the set sequence of postures. Everyone starts by learning the Primary Series, also known as yoga chikitsa – yoga therapy.


Mysore-style teaching is a safe environment for anyone to learn yoga as the practice is tailored to your own ability and experience. You’ll be given instructions based on your ability, and you’ll progress at your own pace building strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Our approach to teaching

In a Mysore room, everyone practices in silence side-by-side, whether you’re an advanced student or a beginner. As you’re essentially practicing on your own, the teacher’s role is to guide, encourage, adjust and modify when required and advance you when you’re ready. From the very first practice, you’ll learn independence, discipline and concentration.

Verbal instructions are given discretely with no disturbance to other practitioners. The teacher will introduce a new posture when you’re ready, and the last posture is mastered. 


Hands-on adjustments are optional and given for guidance and correction or to enable you to move beyond your perceived limitations.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is a therapeutic and healing practice, that has lots of benefits for people of all ages. When practised with regularity and devotion, you can expect to see an increase in strength and flexibility. Your posture will improve, eventually freeing you from chronic pains, your muscles will tone, and you will feel light and supple. You’ll generally feel more energised, happy, and alert.


Aside from the physical benefits, a regular yoga practice will strengthen and purify your nervous system, improving your mental health. Regular practice can bring calmness, mental clarity and concentration back to your life. The practice will foster a sense of equanimity and deepen your self-awareness, making you feel more balanced and at ease.